Plan Design/Eligibility

We always start with your current plan design and features for an easy apples-to-apples comparison.

Plan Designs

If you don’t wish to match your current plan design, Physicians Collaborative Health will work with you to find an alternative that suits the needs and budget of your organization. Our network options will include UHC Choice Plus, Cigna, PHCS, First Health as well as a Reference Based Pricing vehicle. Multiple PBMs and their relevant formularies will also be available. These options are designed to leverage the collaborative opportunity of aligning Physicans Invested in delivering superior services to our beneficiary populations utilizing the data and analytics that sets Physicians Collaborative Health apart from the competition.

Captive Eligibility

Physicians Collaborative Health is available nationwide. Physicians Collaborative Groups will fall into two segments: 5 – 24 employee lives and 25+ employee lives.  The reinsurance underwriting programs will be different for the two segments but everything else will be the same experientially.

Groups that want to participate in captive dividend distributions must be willing to buy in and abide by the captive rules.  If your group elects not to “buy in,” Physicians Collaborative Health has the first right of refusal to take the “buy in” risk.