About Us

“Give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to save 40% on your health care with better benefits.”

Fred Meijering, Echelon Captives

What is Collaborative Health?

Collaborative Health occurs when all parts of the health delivery system align to benefit the patient and the entity paying for health care. This happens with Physicians Collaborative Health. 

How Does Collaborative Health Work?

In the Collaborative, physicians, and nurses, supported by rich and fast information on specific populations and patients, can help patients navigate their health care, focusing on optimal health and rapid, accurate intervention when care is needed most. One of the most common questions in health care from patients is ‘do you know a good physician?’ Physicians Collaborative Health works with physicians across specialties and geographies to continue honing the answers to this question in peer comparative, information-supported environments. The physicians that generate the best patient experiences and efficiency (for patient and employer) rise to the top. Navigation by the clinical management team continually orients patients towards the best performers while still allowing the patients the freedom to make their own choices.
When the rest of the pieces of the health plan administrator, reinsurance, pharmacy benefit manager, and other supporting providers) align, and competition performance, then the patient and the employer know they will get the best results most efficiently.